Mt. Hood Engagement / Government Camp, OR

February 11, 2021

Mt. Hood is a very popular destination for those having an engagement session or even a perfect spot to elope!

Jane and Mario wanted a beautiful backdrop for their Mt. Hood engagement session so of course we chose White River West Sno-Park! With a gorgeous view of Mt. Hood and the beautiful colors of the rocks, trees, and river it makes for such a beautiful location.

Mt. Hood Location

Mt. hood is located about an hour and a half outside of Portland and the White River West Sno-Park is just 15 minutes past Government Camp. You pass so many beautiful spots like Trillium Lake and Timberline Lodge which also have amazing views of Mt. Hood.

The best lighting at White River West Sno-Park is usually in the late afternoons or evenings, The sun sets to the west of Mt. hood and illuminates the mountain making for a stunning back drop for your Mt. Hood engagement

The best time of year to have your Mt. Hood engagement session is up to you! If you want warm weather or snow, Mt. Hood is so versatile and thats one of the many reasons I love shooting there! 

Jane and Mario are such a sweet couple and their Mt. Hood engagement was stunning! We’re looking forward to shooting their wedding at the Tin Roof Barn this year!

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