About us

How it all started

Krysta + Nick started with just me, Krysta. I started my photography journey very young photographing almost anything I could. I shot my first wedding in 2013 and absolutely loved it. Fast forward a few years after college I decided to make it into a full time career and it took off in 2016. I've been shooting weddings full time since then. Nick and I met in 2016 and we instantly knew we were made for each other. We dove head first. We moved in together and I told Nick he was going to be on this photography adventure with me. So I taught Nick how to use a camera and he started coming with me to every wedding. He found his passion for videography a year later and has been filming weddings full time since 2018. We're just two humans who appreciate true love and love to create art. Our vision is to capture the real you and the real connection between you and your soul mate.We would be honored to capture your day!

We love our dogs, camping, road tripping, riding our bikes, neighborhood walks, gardening, filming super 8mm, taking film photos, traveling (our favorite place so far has been Tokyo, Japan), painting in our backyard, enjoying food/drinks on a warm summer day on a patio, laying in the park, eating dim sum/dumplings and of course spending every waking second with each other.

Krysta: making lavender matchas, baking, buying candles, vintage shopping, beach days, and interior design

Nick: snowboarding, snowmobiling, NBA, a cold morning sunrise and warm sunsets.

We're just human

Things we like separately