Super 8mm is a motion picture film that takes 18 pictures per second to make a movie. Kind of like what you see on your parents or grandparents home movies. We shoot super 8mm on a vintage refurbished camera. It is developed, processed, and scanned in California then gets sent back to us.

NOSTAlGIC, RAW, and Emotional

Super 8mm is completely raw, sometimes out of focus, or shaky which creates the imperfectly perfect moment. Nick will edit your super8mm film in a creative way which will tell your unique story and you'll feel right back in the moment.


Q: How many minutes of super8mm do you get?

A: If you choose to have your whole day filmed in super 8mm we will use somewhere around 6-15 rolls which is about 3 minutes a roll. It will be edited into a highlight film. You can choose to purchase raw footage which would include all of the negatives and raw super8mm. (18-45 minutes)

Q: Can I have digital and super8mm?
Yes, of course! You would book a digital package and add however many rolls of super8mm you would like. We charge $250/roll and require a 3 roll minimum. Super 8mm would be creatively intertwined throughout your digital highlight film. You would receive the raw files and negatives since you are paying for each roll. The price of each roll includes the film, developing, processing, and scanning.