Rattlesnake Ridge Engagement Session / North Bend, Washington

May 12, 2018

This year has been really crazy for me because I’ve moved and traveling back to Portland has been quite an adventure that includes lots of driving and lack of sleep, but overall I would say I feel way less busy than I did last year. I cannot tell you how smoothly this year has been going and its going to get even easier because we just bought a motorhome we can travel in! For those of you that knew my story you knew that I lived in a 5th wheel for about 9 months. I was doing it ALL wrong. The proper way to do it is to own a house in a city you can afford, and then travel to places in a cute motorhome! who knew? 😉 Anyways,  I had a 4 hour drive to Rattlesnake Ridge but had such a fantastic shoot. I got to know Krystal and Luis as we hiked up to the top and when we got to the top the lighting was perfect. We got down just in time to make it for last light where we finished our shoot.

Sometimes life can be exhausting after getting home at 1am to my family and my own house I started to feel so humbled and thankful that I get to do what I love and come home to a place that I love. Here’s a little bit of magic from their shoot!